Tring Potterton Baxi Servicing

Why Power Flush?                                        

After many years of use central heating systems build up a thick black sludge which slows circulation and can damage the pump motorised valves,

radiator valves and the boiler. Power flushing restores circulation and efficiency of the system.


Radiators are partially cold, slow to warm up and require frequent bleeding.

Valves leak dirty water and are difficult to operate

Heating bills are more expensive

Boiler makes banging (kettling) noises

Pump and motorised valves fail                                                                                                                     

What We Can Do:

A powerful flushing unit is attached to the system and each radiator, circuit and the boiler are in turn flushed out with clean water.

Then a sludge/scale breaking chemical is added and pumped at high pressure repeatedly backwards and forwards until the sludge is all loosened. 

It is then flushed out to a drain

The system is refilled with clean water containing a chemical inhibitor which will help to prevent any further build up of sludge, carbon and corrosive deposits. 

The radiators are bled and the system is balanced.