Tring Potterton Baxi Servicing

Whatever the age of your boiler, the right controls will let you set your heating and hot water to come on and off when you need them, heat just the areas of your home you want, and decide how warm you want each area to be.

Up to 60% of our energy use comes from heating and hot water, so taking a few steps to improve this saves you money through increasing energy efficiency.

Many older central heating systems have only simple controls - check what controls your system already has to see if you need to add any. To keep rooms at a comfortable temperature and provide adequate hot water without waste, you need to add a programmer, room thermostat and hot water cylinder thermostat. This may mean some system alterations, but it will be cost effective in the long run.  Central heating upgrades can not only add value to your home, but also reduce your energy bills.

We recommend you get the work done in the summer when you don't rely on the heating system for warmth.

We carry out a complete range of central heating services including leaking pipes, valve and pump replacements, adding controls, energy efficiency products, additional radiators, power flushing, boiler service and repairs, boiler replacements and new central heating installations/upgrades.